Images Provided by IVIR Inc.

In preparing for the synchronous demonstration to be held on 25 February 2022, the IVIR team is looking forward to displaying the JETS capabilities taking place at the ROC Drill Facility – Ft. Sam Houston. The demonstration consisted of multiple patients: one trauma, two disease non-battle (DNBI) from the point of injury to a higher role of care. The demonstration displayed live handoffs between each event, from one role of care to another, as the learners communicated the transfer of handwritten DD1380. The DNBI patients were shown in two different events: Point of Injury (POI) and Role 2, focusing on identifying a contagious disease. The learner implemented quarantine measures before the disease could spread. The event showed the capabilities the JETS system could provide.

In addition, the synchronous demonstration highlighted the macro level of the JETS architecture by combining several macro systems into one large, distributed event. Finally, the overall demo shows how the system can provide the “Connective Tissue” elements (hardware, software, simulators, part-task trainers, etc.) and the integration of commercial COTS and GOTS equipment into the JETS system.