Images Provided by IVIR Inc.

The IVIR team continues to work diligently testing and evaluating the JETS system in preparation for the live demonstration to be held at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. The JETS demonstration system is intended to show facets of training exercises that were selected to best showcase the core capabilities of the JETS architecture and how JETS can potentially benefit military medical training in the future. The main goals of the JETS demonstrations are to showcase modularity, usability, scalability, joint training support, and to show the ability to complement operations organizations for medical training (from unit to brigade level training).

The JETS architecture is an enabling system and does not create systems but enables the intercommunication between other systems used for training. Using a standardized Medical Modeling and Simulation Federation Object Model (MMS FOM), JETS establishes a standard language to enable communication between patient simulators, learning management systems (LMS), tactical simulation systems, logistics systems, or any other system used for training. JETS allows users to tie systems together to create larger joint training exercises.